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The challenge of many compliance teams in the financial services industry today is the lack of competent resource to cope with the ever-changing regulations and an ever-increasing workload.

We help fintech start-ups and established compliance teams with simple, flexible solutions to complex resourcing issues.

What is an interim solution?

An interim solution is an individual who provides temporary professional support to an organisation to help them fulfil a specific project or company wide objectives.

Filling the resource gap and adding value with deep domain experts

We can help fill this skills gap for you and act as your compliance partner. You can benefit from the support of deep domain experts who can temporarily fill roles such as MLRO officer to Head of Compliance.

Our deep domain experts will add value to your compliance team as they will already have a deep understanding of your business model and the wider industry, detailed knowledge of the regulatory requirements and the regulator’s approach. We also have the added benefit of a full support team of subject matter experts in regulatory compliance and cyber security.

If you are looking for highly qualified compliance experts to implement a one off project or a temporary replacement of a member of your team, contact us today for a free confidential consultation.

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fscom were invaluable in supporting compliance at Circle - we found fscom to be experienced professionals who took the time to really understand our business and provided expert advice throughout our engagement.”

- Claire Wells, Director, Legal and Business Affairs, Circle