Regulatory Compliance


Congratulations, you’ve been authorised!

Achieving authorisation is a milestone in your company’s journey however it is only the start of the journey. The next step is the maintenance of that authorisation.

We understand how compliance teams often feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of the regulations involved in being authorised. Our regulatory compliance team provide a range of advisory services to help clients like you meet your regulatory obligations.

Compliance regulations

Regulatory obligations include risk management and holding adequate capital resources, protecting clients’ funds, regular regulatory reporting (such as REP018, REP017, COREP), incident management and reporting and handling customers’ complaints.

Ongoing compliance support/Retained advisory support

You have the options of paying as you go for ad hoc advice to help solve a specific issue or prepare for new regulations or benefit from a cost-effective ongoing support package which is tailored specifically to what you need across the full calendar year.

A standard retained advisory support contract includes:

  • Compliance audit
  • Monthly compliance monitoring
  • Review and enhancement of documented policies and procedures
  • Financial promotion reviews
  • Training
  • Regulatory reporting
  • Regulatory subject matter experts on hand to answer your team’s questions as they arise

You can take comfort in knowing that you have access to a highly skilled team of deep domain experts who thrive on transferring our knowledge to compliance teams like yours. Our experts understand your challenges as they have acted as Global heads of compliance and share their knowledge and experience on best practice.

If you are looking for assistance in ensuring you meet the requirements of UK and European regulation, then let’s start a conversation today.

Other Regulatory Compliance Services

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“fscom has been a valued business partner of Cambridge Risk Management and Cambridge Global Payments over the last 5 years, consistently delivering practical, timely compliance advice in a professional, yet personable, manner.”

- Dodi Robbins, Chief Licensing and Regulatory Officer, Cambridge Global Payments